Feona Attwood is Professor of Cultural Studies, Communication and Media at Middlesex University, UK. 

Her research is in the area of sex in contemporary culture; and in particular, in onscenity; sexualization; sexual cultures; new technologies, identity and the body; and controversial media. She is the editor of Mainstreaming Sex: The Sexualization of Western Culture (2009), porn.com: Making Sense of Online Pornography (2010) and (with Vincent Campbell, I.Q. Hunter and Sharon Lockyer) Controversial Images (2012) and the co-editor of journal special issues on Controversial Images (with Sharon Lockyer, Popular Communication, 2009), Researching and Teaching Sexually Explicit Media (with I.Q. Hunter, Sexualities, 2009), Investigating Young People’s Sexual Cultures (with Clarissa Smith, Sex Education, 2011), Moments of Transformation (with Ruth Deller, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 2015) and The Cultural Study of Commercial Sex: Taking a Policy Perspective (with Natalie Hammond, Social Policy and Society). She is the co-editor of Sexualities and Porn Studies.